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Global Image Group – Still the Top Choice for Image Consulting and Personal Styling Services for Business Executives and Professionals Who Live and Work in Between New York and Miami

Men's Professional Wardrobe Shopping | Sterling Personal StylingNew York, January 31, 2014Global Image Group is pleased to announce the success of their VIP image consulting and personal styling service, Sterling Personal Styling, a division of Sterling Luxury Group.  New Yorkers who also have second homes in Miami are taking advantage of the premium personal styling recommendations of world renowned image stylist, Michelle T. Sterling, who has established herself in the image industry serving senior level executives and socialites throughout the US, London and Dubai. From New York to Miami, jet-setting professionals are selecting this image consultant and personal stylist to meet all their styling needs from their home to their wardrobe.

Efficient Shopping Experts | Sterling Personal Styling

Sterling Personal Styling offers an elite level of customized services to assist clients in looking stylish yet still polished and professional. Through their revise + revamp + revitalization process many top executives contract Sterling Personal Styling’s services to build cohesive wardrobes for every occasion from business meetings, special events, vacation shopping, to media appearances. Sterling Personal Styling provides recommendations that help you achieve the perfect look. No detail is too small. With the help of Sterling Personal Styling, men and women are taking control of the image they project by not only enhancing their visual strengths but also enhancing their decorum and communication skills.

In the age of smart phones, social media and multiple communication outlets, the need to be courteous and conduct yourself with politeness has been lost.  Global Image Group strives to not only revise, revamp and revitalize your image but they also see the need to re-educate the public on the art of social graces.   The need for formality still exists which is why c-level executives continuously seek out the professional services of Global Image Group for all their image consulting needs.

After revamping their personal image, many clients are also selecting Sterling Luxury Group’s Sterling Home Styling services to refresh and restyle their home’s interiors to reflect their new look and create the home they always wanted.  Style is not just about they way you look, it’s a reflection of how you live too.GLOBAL IMAGE GROUP INC.

About Sterling Luxury Group

Sterling Luxury Group redefines the meaning of living a luxury lifestyle. From helping you select the perfect home through Sterling Luxury Homes, to refining the finishing touches of your interior décor through Sterling Home Styling, to styling you from head to toe through Sterling Personal Styling, let us redesign and restyle your life.  We are Global Image Group‘s luxury lifestyle makeover image stylists in real estate, interior decor, and personal styling in Miami, New York, L.A. and Dubai.



Phone: +1.888.689.1860


Gastar o No Gastar Para Su Guardaropa Segun Karina Muzquiz Consultora de Imagen y Personal Shopper Mexico

La moda cambia constantemente y aunque estemos guardando ropa, accesorios, zapatos y botas de años pasados, a veces jugamos con las suerte de que nuestras cosas no han pasado tanto de moda y las podemos seguir utilizando mezclándolas con algunos artículos de nueva temporada y de ultima moda, alcanzando un trendy look.

Hace algunos años mientras hacia mis compras me enamore de unas botas cafés, no las compre de inmediato porque me falto enamorarme del precio…estaban muy caras y sentía que iba a gastar casi todo el dinero solo comprando esas botas. Pero la verdad que no las pude dejar ir, sabia que esas botas debían estar conmigo.

Quiero compartirles que para nada fue un gasto, todo lo contrario, FUE TODA UNA INVERSION! Mis botas cafés de mas de 4 años están en excelente estado me siguen encantando y si  hacemos la división de lo que me costo, entre las 4 temporadas que las he seguido usando, el resultado es que si hubiera comprado unas botas de mala calidad y bajo costo, las hubiera tenido que remplazar posiblemente cada año.

Hace unos días, mientras ojeaba una revista de modas londinense estaba viendo un articulo de las nuevas tendencias de zapatos y botas. Me emocione al ver que unas botas casi idénticas a las mías estaban en el articulo y reafirme mi gran decisión por la compra de mis botas cafés. 

“No compren por comprar, enamórense de sus compras”

Mi consejo para ustedes es que si es que van a hacer un gran gasto al comprar, inclínense por lo clásico, conservador y de buen gusto para que de esa manera no gasten su dinero, si no que lo estarán invirtiendo.

Por mayor informacion sobre nuestro analisis de closet y estrategia de guardarropa, por favor contactarnos a

Learn How to Shop for and Dress Up or Down a Little Black Dress from New York Image Consultants and Personal Shoppers

New York, NY (August 5, 2010) – Our job as image consultants at Global Image Group is to provide you with maximum wardrobe options to enhance your lifestyle, career and vibrant personality.  Our New York personal shoppers will teach you how to get the look you want now using the LBD – the little black dress.  Learn how one classic little black dress offers endless styling options for the corporate professional to the chic socialite.

New York image consultant, Michelle T. Sterling, transforms one timeless LBD into a week’s worth of looks by incorporating a few key pieces that you already have in your closet.  Whether you’re presenting at a corporate meeting, powering through your to-do list at work, networking at a cocktail party, or heading to that rock concert you bought tickets to months ago, do it in style with a classic little black dress.Christian Louboutin Prorata Pump

To create a business professional look with your LBD, layer it with a classic black blazer and a multi-strand pearl necklace.  Finish the look with closed-toe classic pumps, such as the Christian Louboutin Prorata Pump.

Using the same classic LBD, you can transform your look from professional day to ultra chic night simply by switching up a few key style elements.  Exchange the corporate blazer for a sexy leather jacket, and keep the pearls but layer them with a darker, chunky necklace for a harder edge.  Take off those conservative shoes and slip on a pair of strappy platform pumps in an eye-popping red.  Grab a handbag with a chain strap or flashy hardware to compliment the zipper from you jacket.  Within a New York minute, you’re ready for a New York City night.

Global Image Group personal shoppers will teach you how to shop for the LBD you can wear for years to come.  The right LBD is an investment piece that will never go out of style which you can easily adapt to the occasion.  Create a classic look, business casual look, sassy look, and a rocker look using jackets, shoes, handbags and jewelry you already own or can shop for today.

Our New York image consultants will help you choose the best accessories and layering items based on your budget, career and lifestyle needs.  Watch this video to learn what a Global Image Group personal shopper can teach you today about the LBD in your closet.

About Global Image Group

Global Image Group’s mission is to deliver the most cost-effective, high-impact image consulting services to forward-thinking individuals, professionals and corporations that want to define and refine their brand identity. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Dallas, Houston, London, and Dubai, Global Image Group is strategically located to serve clients worldwide. Established by Image Consultant Michelle T. Sterling, Global Image Group has been providing individual and corporate image expertise for over 15 years. We are a full-service consulting firm specializing in style makeovers, wardrobe evaluation and management, personal styling, and personal shopping. Our team of professional wardrobe and style consultants will help you increase confidence, develop successful business and social relationships, and achieve your goals from the boardroom to the living room. For more information, visit Global Image Group at or email us to schedule an appointment.

Wardrobe Consultants Recommend Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Eva Longoria's Louis Vuitton ClosetSpring is a time often ascribed to cleaning out the closets, drawers and de-cluttering the house.  In relation to one’s wardrobe, this may not be the most appealing thing, especially when you have deal with potentially parting with clothes. On the other hand, spring cleaning can be an opportunity to reinvigorate your life and wardrobe. By de-cluttering and organizing, you can make room for your spring items!

Spring Cleaning Benefits
1. It can remove negative, excess baggage from your life.
2. It can remove stress by creating a peaceful living environment.
3. It feels liberating and refreshing.
4. It creates space for what is really needed and valued.

Tips for Organizing and Updating your Wardrobe

1. Completely Assess Your Wardrobecloset-luxury
Be honest when evaluating the need and use of the items in your closet. Grab a strong bag in your closet to place items that are obsolete- too old, do not fit at all or just “not you anymore”- to donate to a worthy cause. When evaluating your closet, Wardrobe Consultant Michelle T. Sterling recommends pulling out all the items in your closet and sorting them by color on a rolling rack. This will help you really see what you have. Create a pile or another bag for items that need to be dry-cleaned or tailored.

Ask yourself the following:
• Has anything shrunk?
• Is anything faded?
• Do I have my classic pieces, and do they still fit appropriately?
• Does anything need to be altered or dry-cleaned?
• Is there anything that you have not worn in more than a year? If you cannot remember the last time that you wore the outfit or item then it is safe to get rid of it.
• Are any of my accessories damaged or too tangled to salvage?

Once you assess your wardrobe, you will find that you have an abundance of space for new and existing clothes and items.

2. Every Item Should Have A Special Place
accessory-closet-organizationOnce you have de-cluttered the closet, you can move on to making it more aesthetically appealing and functional. When everything has a place, nothing ends up missing and time is saved! Use multi-purpose hangers for your wardrobe that have clips for skirts and hooks for those hard to hang items. To go one step further, you can color code your clothing to make it even easier for you to find items when you are low on time. Purchase storage boxes from a store such as The Container Store to place smaller items such as scarves, belts, and other items. If you have minimal space for shoes, invest in a shoe rack that can be placed on the closet door or in the back of the closet. Another idea would be to place shoes boxes in a drawer under your bed to save space. Winter clothes should be stored away for future use.

3. Introduce New Items with an Aim to Maintainteam-7-luxury-closet-system2
It is really quite simple. Whether you are a stay-at-home mother or a CFO, it is oftentimes difficult to carve out extra time. However, one easy thing that you can do is always put things back in place after use, you will save time in the long run. If needed, you can set aside 5 minutes a day to make sure that everything is in its place. When introducing new items to your wardrobe, make sure that you have the proper hangers or containers to support the item.

For further one-on-one assistance, please contact a Global Image Group Consultant today!

Crashion vs. Fashion por Karina Muzquiz Asesora de Imagen y Personal Shopper

herver-leger-dressHoy en día no es novedad escuchar  la situación económica en que nos encontramos y probablemente hace algunos años nos hubiera costado creer que Estados Unidos pasaría de ser el mayor consumidor a nivel mundial a ser uno de los países con la tasa de desempleo más alta.

Los tiempos y las tendencias cambian y hoy por hoy los excesos están out.

Es tiempo de sentirnos más sensibles a la hora de gastar el dinero y momento de ahorrar  para las cosas que realmente necesitemos, las que no podamos vivir sin ellas.

Es por eso que salió esta nueva definición conocida como “Crashion”  (economic-crash fashion). Un nuevo fenómeno que arrasa en Estados Unidos, consiste en hacer un “Spring Clearing” , asaltar tu  baúl de los recuerdos, sacar toda esa ropa que durante años has seguido conservando y venderla a tiendas de segunda mano, de tal manera que ya tendrás un poco de cash en tu bolsillo y las tiendas de Segunda Mano y los Outlets están “in” para todas aquellas “shopaholicas”. Ahora es el momento de aprovecharse de esas gangas de marca.

Y como bien lo dijo Anna Wintour directora de Vogue América  “Combina lo económico con lo costoso y hazlo marciano-bandage-dress1confuso” y utiliza los looks de los grandes diseñadores y cópialos con marcas como Zara, Mango, Bershka, etc.

No entres en pánico en estos momentos, acuérdate que todo lo que sube tiene que bajar y después de la tempestad siempre viene la calma, mejor compra cosas que en verdad necesites y que combinen con todo tu closet!

Recuerda que la mezclilla nunca pasa de moda y una simple T-shirt  con diferentes bufandas y accesorios, es lo que hace la diferencia a tu look.

No te despegues tus blogs de cada semana, porque de la moda siempre hay algo nuevo que aprender.

Por Karina Muzquiz Asesora de Imagen y Personal Shopper

5 Steps to Shop Your Closet According to Personal Shopper Michelle T. Sterling

“During tough economic times, save your money and shop the sales and in the meantime, shop your closet,” says Image Consultant and Personal Shopper Michelle T. Sterling.

Step 1: Pick Your 8 Favorite Pieces

First select your 8 favorite pieces and build from there. Those pieces can be ones that you splurged on, love and wear, and may not always be the newest items in your closet. Whether it’s style, cut or fabric, these pieces are “must haves” in your wardrobe like the ones shown below and they should always make you feel fabulous.

Step 2: Lay Your Choices Out On the Bed

You can put them on the floor too or hang them up on the shower curtain rod. Find a solution that works for you enabling you to see everything, analyze and hone a workable color palette. Then start refining for different occasions. As seen in the pictures above, this wardrobe is based on a black, grey, ecru, white and red color palette that easily mixes and matches in classic and feminine styles.

Step 3: Pick Your Basics

Image Consultant and Personal Shopper Michelle Sterling says, “As the foundation of every wardrobe begins with basics, see which favorite basics you currently have and expand your wardrobe from there.”

Here are some examples:

Step 4: Make A List Of What’s Needed

Now the fun part – it’s time to go shopping! Once you’ve selected your favorite and basic pieces, you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be purchased in terms of style, cut and color. Have too many solid pieces? Consider adding some prints and patterns. Mix up the texture of your clothing. Building your wardrobe is an ongoing process therefore your list will be a work in progress.

Step 5: Create Outfits And Try Them On With All The Accessories

Remember, accessories make the outfit and pull a look together. So try your outfits on with the appropriate shoes, handbags and jewelry. It’s that simple.


When Sarah Palin was chosen to be the Republican’s vice presidential candidate, who would have thought her candidacy wardrobe would amount to $150,000! Supporters argue she needed multiple clothes for multiple climates, however in all honesty, who is their image consultant? Based on the looks selected for Sarah Palin’s public appearances, shopping at Saks and Neimans could have been replaced with Macy’s and Nordstrom’s.

“In general people’s clothing budget should not exceed more than 20 percent of ones income no matter how much of a fashionista you are,” says Image Consultant and Personal Shopper Michelle T. Sterling. “Average wardrobe expenditures normally range from 5 to 10 percent of income except for my clients, of course.”

However when it comes to Sarah Palin and the Republican Campaign, there apparently is no such thing as average or even above average expenditure! While other image experts according to USA Today’s article on October 23rd by Olivia Barker seem to back the $150,000 clothing expenditure, Image Expert Michelle T. Sterling, Founder of Global Image Group, thinks this number is outrageous. Interesting coming from a clothes horse whose wardrobe is worth well over that amount…it’s cumulative of course!

The following are Sterling’s styling recommendations on how to get Sarah Palin’s look for less – try $1,500 which would probably have been more consistent in expenditure given the message the Republicans wanted Sarah Palin’s image to project and communicate.

Bloomingdale’s Exclusive Silk Crepe de Chine Suit Separates
One button jacket. Satin trim on lapels and pockets.
Tuxedo cami has satin pleated detail, adjustable bra straps, and hidden side zip closure. $69.99
Tab front pants with zipper closure. Satin trim on side. $39.99

Kasper Three-Piece Flyaway Shimmer
Skirt Suit
Reg. $280.00 Sale $196.00

Tahari Contrast-Stitch Skirtsuit
Jacket: White with black topstitching. Point tip collar; black buttons down front. Three-quarter sleeves. Wool crepe. Imported of Italian material.
Skirt: Black Pencil skirt with side button detail. Wool crepe. Imported of Italian material.
Tahari Houndstooth Skirtsuit
Jacket: Black/white houndstooth. Asymmetric shawl collar with gray button detail; hidden button front. Three-quarter sleeves. Patent leather belt at natural waist. Wool; lining, pure silk. Imported.
Black. Straight skirt. Wool; lining, pure silk. Imported.
Circa Joan & David ‘Reginah’ Pump

Coincidentally, these outfits are already found in one of the wardrobes of Michelle T. Sterling’s clients from July 2008. Ms. Sterling’s inspiration for these looks was Cashmere Mafia on a budget. Whether you’re a mother of 4 and CFO of a large medical device company (below) or a mother of 5 and a United States Vice Presidential candidate, these looks get the job done all for a remarkable investment of $5000 including Ms. Sterling’s fees.

Sarah Palin’s image is meant to appeal to the everyday modern, confident, working woman.  As you can see it doesn’t matter how much you spend on clothes, it’s all about how you put it together. You can spend a fortune like Palin’s campaign wardrobe and still look like an ordinary woman or you can spend like an ordinary woman and look extraordinary.  Sarah Palin is just another example of how perception seems like reality   however contrived her image may be.

No matter how you spin it, Global Image Group’s online image consultants and online personal stylists are the answer.

During tough times, investing in yourself is like investing in your future and it’s guaranteed to yield profitability that surpasses that of market conditions.

Visit Global Image Group at to control the impression you make.

4 Steps to Weed Whacking Your Wardrobe

“Going through your wardrobe and closet can be a daunting task; however once you get started you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and free yourself of some clutter,” says Michelle Sterling, Image Consultant.

Assess Your Current Wardrobe1. Assess Your Current Wardrobe. What would you like the final product of your closet and wardrobe to look like? Do you need to donate that suit you haven’t worn since the 80’s or those jeans you wore out in the 90’s? Does your closet look like a museum of artifacts preserved in plastic bags? Can’t seem to find your favorite black sweater? When was the last time you looked at your dry cleaned clothing? Have you collected a sea of ‘on sale’ clothing that doesn’t seem to go with anything in your closet and instead of saving money, you probably wasted money? Rule number one, if you have an ‘on sale’ item with its tag still on — return it or try to get merchandise credit. Wouldn’t you agree that $20 here, $30 there, and $75 adds up? Your credit card will thank me later.

Clear Out Your Closet2. Clear Out Your Closet. Take out all of your clothing by category. Start with your coats, jackets, and tops. Then proceed to your bottoms, shoes and accessories. Since most of us do not have rolling racks in our homes, the bed will do (and if you do have one – use it, however it’s definitely time to clean out your closet). Organize each category by season – spring/summer and fall/winter, then by color — place all your blacks together, then browns, khakis, reds, greens, blues, violets, pastels, and whites. This exercise will help you figure out what you have in excess. Rule number two, if you find you have too many of one item — such as white shirts or black pants, think twice before buying another one during your next shopping trip.

Stay or Go3. Should it Stay or Should it Go. Once you’ve cleared your closet of all its contents and organized it into categories, assess each item of clothing. Define your wearables, bearables, and terribles. Your wearables are your favorite or most wornclothing, shoes, and accessories. Asking the following questions can help you identify your bearables and terribles: Do I still like the look, cut, color, and / or style of this garment, bag or shoes? Does this item go with anything else in my closet? Does this item look worn out, have wholes, or permanent stains? Does it fit? Can it be altered?

If you answered maybe or no to any of these questions, you should place the item in the ‘bearables’ or ‘terribles’ pile to be sent to a consignment store or donated to your favorite charity. If you find it Bearables or Terriblesdifficult to part with an item of clothing due to its sentimental value, take a picture of it or of you in it. But let it go and if you really can’t, set it aside in storage. However do not place something in the bearables pile instead of the terribles pile due to the initial cost of the item of clothing. Determining whether an item should stay or go is not dependent on the cost of the garment however the use of it.

Rule number three, if you haven’t worn it once in the last two years you should probably discard it.

Establish Balance4. Establish Balance and Harmony in Your Closet. Once you’ve identified the items you would like to keep, look at each piece and ask yourself if you love it and start creating outfits in your mind to make sure it works with the rest of your wardrobe. Remember that you should have two to three bottoms for every jacket and three to four tops for each bottom for a balanced wardrobe. Before you place everything back into your closet, make sure everything is hung on wood or plastic hangers and not the wire hangers that stretch your clothing out from the dry cleaner. Be consistent in the type of hangers you use. Rule number four: Hang everything in your closet facing the same direction by category, season, and color. Then step away from your closet for a moment and re-enter it with fresh eyes. You know you’ve done a fabulous job weed whacking your wardrobe if you feel as though your closet is your favorite department store the minute you open its doors.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully organized and developed a manageable wardrobe that works for you. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process, do not delay and contact a Global Image Group consultant today. Our goal is to provide simple solutions to what may seem like a complicated task.

For more useful style tips, contact a Global Image Group image consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper in San Francisco, NY, LA or Miami. We specialize in image makeovers, wardrobe consulting, personal styling, personal shopping, business etiquette and effective communication skill training. Our team of professional image consultants will help you increase confidence, develop successful business and social relationships, and achieve your goals from the boardroom to the dining room.

You are your brand and your look is your logo. Let a Global Image Group wardrobe consultant help you create your own signature style.

Sign up today and let Global Image Group take the guess work out of what to wear,   how you wear it, when to wear it and what it says about you.


Closet BeforeDid you wake up to yet another morning thinking,“I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I don’t feel good about myself and my body. I wish my boss would take me more seriously at work and I wish I went out on more dates.”?

Global Image Group is a full service image, etiquette, Closet Afterand communications consulting firm that provides one-on-one consultations, corporate seminars and workshops for personal and professional image management and development to men and women worldwide.

We specialize in image makeovers, wardrobe consulting, personal styling, personal shopping, nutrition consulting, wellness coaching, business etiquette and effective communication skill training. Our team of professional image consultants will help you increase confidence, develop successful business and social relationships, and achieve your goals from the boardroom to the dining room.

Take control of your life and career by developing an image that represents who you are and who you want to be.