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London, UK  – The global economy is showing signs of recovery, however the process is slow. Many corporations are still in a hiring freeze, thus unemployment remains high. Although you may have the skills, the experience, and the degree, your competition does as well. If you are seeking your long overdue promotion or are eager to secure a position at that high profile firm, you must demonstrate that you are the best of the best, and your image will set you apart. The way you dress and articulate yourself speaks volumes about your credibility.

Exuding executive presence is a skill that should be cultivated. It takes practice, diligence, and experience to ensure you project an all-around successful image to your colleagues and those interested in hiring you.

Consider the following traits of projecting a powerful image and determine how you can further incorporate these valuable traits into achieving your career goals:

  • Project a positive attitude and behave like a winner
  • Showcase your unique talents and capabilities – using them to your advantage
  • Develop your listening and empathy skills
  • Be open to learn from others
  • Cultivate relationships and seek mentoring from those you admire
  • Dress and articulate yourself for the position you wish to attain
  • Give praise and due credit to those around you
  • Engage in self-promotion – voicing your opinion at an opportune time
  • Negotiate for win-win situations
  • Trust your instincts and street smarts – timing is key
  • Take ownership in your position, inspire and lead the team

Projecting the image which will lead you to the top involves looking and acting the part. In addition to the appropriate business attire for men and women (click for an in-depth analysis of successful interview attire for men and women), before you step into an important business meeting or formal occasion, do a 30 second check to ensure you are 100% focused on the people and task at hand.

  • Check your hair for dandruff, teeth for food, and nose
  • Ensure your clothing has no stains and all buttons and zippers are closed
  • Women, ensure your makeup is flawless and natural looking
  • And lastly, wear your jacket to project professional presence and image power when in the office

First impressions are comprised of 55% visual impact, 38% non-verbal impact, and 7% spoken word – which means your image and first impression can literally make or break your chances of achieving your goals.  While your physical presence, your handshake and eye contact are individually important, a successful, powerful image comes from how you skillfully combine these components together.  As a professional striving to achieve credibility, your awareness, intuition and ability to respond accordingly and respectively in each business situation will affect how you are perceived as a professional.

Depending upon your industry, your smartphone, laptop, briefcase, jewelry and accessories are equally as important as your wardrobe.  The bottom line is that every professional only has one chance to make a strong first impression.  Once you have refined your image, you will be given ample opportunity to showcase your strengths and capabilities as well as demonstrate why you are, indeed, the right person for the position or promotion.

To receive in-depth training on exuding executive presence and making a strong first impression, register for Global Image Group’s Executive Impact Worldwide Training Program, offered in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York and San Francisco in 2011.  Read our executive client testimonials from the industries including mortgage brokerage, entrepreneurial training, software development, public speaking, and business consulting.  Now is the time to invest in your career development by ensuring you project the right professional image and executive presence for your industry.

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