Become the Total Package by Establishing Your Personal Brand Image

Become the Total Package by Establishing Your Personal Brand Image:

Master The 7 Sterling Strategies to Style and Success

By Global Image Group

CNN's Anderson Cooper Projects Executive PresenceWhat is personal brand image? It’s you! Your presence is the total package, including how you dress, groom and communicate, and your image speaks to the world before you even say a word. Your image represents who you are and where you are going. Change your image and change your life!

Deepak Chopra states, “Self-power is permanent because it is based on the knowledge of the Self. It draws people to you, and it also draws things that you want to you. It magnetizes people, situations, and circumstances to support your desires.” The first step in developing your personal brand image starts with identifying your obstacles. Is it your appearance, your inner self-talk, or both? Developing your personal brand image is indeed a self-discovery and improvement process. Whether you need to overcome career, personal, or communication challenges, the solution lies within you and your internal dialogue.

Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, and Gavin Newsom all have presence and exude their own personal brand image. As successful public figures they magnetically attract those who respect them rather than judge them.

Almost all successful people set goals and timelines to achieve them. We achieve what we plan to achieve. Therefore, people who don’t succeed don’t have precise goals. Life gives us exactly what we expect. It’s a balance between persistence and flexibility, so it’s necessary for us to make clear decisions. Doubt leads straight into failure. If you’ve been procrastinating from doing something, do it now. There is no better time than the present; that’s the power of now! Learning to trust your intuition is an art form. Focusing on the negative can distort your judgment and paralyze your actions. Therefore focus on reasons for success! Good energy comes from a healthy and positive self-image. The better your self-image, the more likely you’ll see your possibilities. Trust your intuition. Thoughts of service, lead to abundance, which leads to success. Remember to focus on growth!

Katie Couric Exemplifies Executive PresenceProactive business professionals today view themselves as if they are incorporated and market their talents accordingly. Just as a solid, viable product will die a slow death without consistent marketing, talented contributors can be ignored, overlooked, or never fully utilized without effective self-promotion.

At work, you are your brand and your look is your logo – it should send a clear message about who you are, what you have to offer, and where you want to go. Your task is to pinpoint the identity you want to have within your working environment and then dress to express it. Decide to put effort into choosing a wardrobe that reflects who you are, and you take control of your career and your life.

You’ve often heard people refer to themselves as the total package. However are they really the total package? When you work with Global Image Group, we take the guesswork out of packaging your presentation. The process first begins with a self-exploration of who you are and where you want to be. You can look the part but if you don’t act the part, you’re not the total package. And conversely, if you act the part and don’t look the part, doors will close before you.San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Exudes Executive Presence

Global Image Group’s 7 Sterling Strategies to Style and Success TM will lead you toward the path of unraveling your authentic image and projecting an image of excellence. Please contact us for more information regarding our 1.5 hour seminar Become the Total Package by Establishing Your Personal Brand Image – Master the 7 Sterling Strategies to Style and Success.

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