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Manifesting the Life You Desire Through Life Coaching

As a Global Image Group image consultant, we often coach clients on all aspects of their life that may start from their outward appearance however the consultation soon becomes inwardly focused. Prior to the end of the 2015, I met with a woman who was concerned about her self-image. While she spent her 30s building a successful career, as she just turned 40, she reflects back on her life wondering what else she has achieved which is the dilemma of so many successful women worldwide today. When sitting with her in my office in Dubai, I saw a woman frustrated with life, fed up with constantly dating emotionally unavailable men, and bored with her career. So what was the solution? One of the many things that we talked about was that she should paint a visual picture of her life by writing about how she envisioned the rest of her life or the “second part” of her life as she called it. She was so kind to allow me to share her letter to the universe with you so that you too may manifest the life you desire.


I would like to be wealthy for the remainder of my life here on earth where money is never an 28 Candles of Love | Global Image Groupissue and abundance is in constant flow. I would like to have 2 or 3 homes – one in Dubai, one in Europe, and one in Miami. I would like to be married to a classy man who is well educated, well mannered, properly raised, who can speak multiple languages, who is well cultured, intellectually stimulating, who I can respect, admire, look up to, and love with all my heart and soul, that we grow old together and grow together to share in our life’s successes and learn from our life’s failures. I would like a man who has good intuition, is spiritual and believes in the abundance of the universe and that it flow through our lives as we complete our life’s purpose. That he be wealthy, successful in his career, a world traveler, a foodie, and enjoys the finer things in life. Generous with his money and not frugal about spending yet smart about how he spends and what he invests in. I would like him to be tall (183 cm), lean, healthy, and handsome, and that we enjoy similar past times. That we be boat and jet rich, vacationing in the Maldives, South of France, Amalfi coast, Bahamas, St. Croix, St. Kitts, St. Barths – that we travel together and live jet set lives. That we have a happy marriage that is reflective in our home life, social life, and public life.

I want a man who utterly respects me, makes me a priority, shows me he cares about me through consistently contacting me, and follows through on what he says he’s going to do. I want a man who knows how to balance his personal and professional life and knows when and how to treat a woman like she’s also his best client. I want a man who appreciates me and would be proud to have me by his side. He is loyal, faithful, trustworthy, honest, transparent, and direct – yet also compassionate, caring, thoughtful, and kind. I want a life with a man who buys me flowers or presents, takes me out to nice dinners and locations through out the world – that we share similar taste in fashion, interior design, and real estate – owning several upscale cars. However despite all these material luxuries, the core of our relationship is the trust, honesty, loyalty, love, care, joy, happiness, and abundance that we share on a daily basis. I want a man who can be strong and assertive when he needs to be yet kind, caring, and considerate at his core. I want my marriage to be communicative of our thoughts and feelings in a way that we are open and honest with each other and do not attack each other. I would like someone who is mentally and more than financially stable. Who has solved his life issues and conflicts, is ready to have a mature relationship based on love, trust, loyalty, and commitment. That he be sensitive to my abandonment issues, love me as I am, and support me in all my goals and endeavors so that we can have a boat and a private jet.

I would like my family and I to be healthy, wealthy and wise. And that we have socially prominent friends all over the world that we travel with on occasion for holiday and that our children can be home schooled together. I would like my family to have a balance of work and leisure time that integrates our friends when appropriate and that we be well connected with the best contacts. I would like my husband to know how to manage my expectations and be able to manage work and personal so that there is a balance – that we spend 3 weeks in Dubai and 3 weeks at a time in Miami. And that the kids will see daddy at least two weeks out of the month and talk to me and the kids everyday when he’s traveling.

I would like a figure that I’m proud of and a face that retains its youth throughout the ages.


28 Candles of Peace | Global Image GroupMy divine spirit partner, future boyfriend, and future husband will treat me with love, care, affection, kindness, attention to detail, having an understand of what’s important to me and do things for me that are important for me. He will place me as equal or greater importance to his work and be able to balance both work and family life. He will be giving, loving, communicative of his thoughts and feelings, voice his concerns and discuss them in order to eliminate any uncertainties or problems before they arise. He will be my partner and my equal – we function as a team, make decisions as a team, and will be able to compromise. He will be a gentleman, opening doors for me, allowing me to walk through the door first, and always pay. When I look at his eyes, they are the windows of his soul. He will be faithful, loyal, trustworthy, honest, transparent, assertive, action and goal oriented, and he’s going to fight for me! He is passionate in his kisses, in his lovemaking, and sensual in his touch. And my love and kisses fuel him giving him energy, inspiration and power. He pampers me, courts me, tries to do things that impress me, and does little things and thoughtful things to show me that he cares. He cooks for me, gives me the freedom to wear what I want to wear, and buy what I want to buy. He never forgets an important holiday and at least in the beginning gives me great gifts for them – like Mother’s Day or Valentines Day. There is always a great gift for my birthday and Christmas. And he gives random gifts if he wants to. I don’t want expensive outfits or shoes or electronics, as gifts for birthday or Christmas – expensive bags and jewelry are always welcome. I would prefer meaningful gifts for those holidays that are well thought out because I am his wife and he wants me to be happy. I would love my husband to arrange romantic vacations for just us even when we are married, for him to arrange romantic dinners for us too in private villas or hotel rooms that are catered as a private event just for us. For us to take helicopter rides from the south of France to Italy. I would like my husband to treat me with respect, trust, impart his wisdom, and that we give each other the benefit of the doubt.


I would like my husband to not only be well accomplished in his work and renown, but also make time for his family – his wife and kids. Therefore there needs to be a balance between love of work and love of wife and children. Our religious beliefs shouldn’t interfere with our children and the way we raise them. The core values of the couple should be the same from being well mannered, to striving to be the best, to being well-rounded and having children the same way. He should speak to his wife and kids everyday when he’s traveling over Facetime or Skype. He should take a strong interest in the activities of his children, trying to be there for important events in their lives. And if he’s not there, he should video conference and schedule it into his day as though his wife and family are just as important as his clients. There is never an excuse for not putting his family as a priority. He should be loving and nurturing to his children, kind, supportive, and caring. Disciplining his children would be in a manner that encourages their growth as individuals and he will be their biggest cheerleader to evoke their success and as well be there for them if they need his advice. He will trust his wife to take care of the day to day of the children and he will be there for major decisions that affect the children’s lives and overall well being. He will never abandon his children and always check in with them to make sure they feel loved, provided for, and understand how important they are to daddy even though he’s not present. He will send my kids to the best education and schools, well provide for them, encourage his children to participate in sports, civilized and well-cultured activities so that they become well-rounded, accomplished human beings who have much to contribute to the world.


I do not want a future husband or boyfriend comparing me to his first wife. I would prefer that he did not have any wife or kids before me. I want to be valued for the person that I am and respected for what I can bring to a relationship and not be compared. Comparing would provoke jealously, possessiveness, and suffocation because of insecurities. I will always trust my future husband to do what’s best for me, him, the relationship and the family. That he’s able to make the right decisions for us to have a happy, abundant and prosperous life. That we will live a luxurious lifestyle that is fiscally responsible and never think that there will never be enough. I will never feel financially constricted or worried about money. It will constantly and effortlessly flow through the efforts that I place into my career. I will always be able to generate my own income and be seen as a leader in industries that I choose to work in. Everything is a growth process and through patience and perseverance I will accomplish my goals despite life’s setbacks. I am an abundant and prosperous person at all times! So be it and so it is!


So while this client was very specific about the life she desired, the more specific you are, the more the universe will respond to your requests. Having only a general idea of what you want may leave you with other qualities in the person and in your life that you do not want. The more specific you are about your future partner, your career, and the lives of your children, the more likely you will accomplish your goals and achieve the life that you desire. Writing down and visualizing your desires will in turn also help you manifest them because they will become an intention. When you set your intentions and present them to the universe, the universe will respond to fulfill your desires. With patience it will grow and light 28 tea light candles and say, “Thank you for healing myself, my ancestors, and my future generations for the lack of …” and fill in what is missing in your life.

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