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The Modern Professional Men’s Business Casual Work Attire

Men too can project their own unique personal style. It’s all about selecting the appropriate cuts, colors, and patterns to showcase your best features. Rather than wearing your typical white shirt and trousers, try adding some personality to your wardrobe.

What should a modern professional, business casual man wear to work? Well work appropriate attire really depends on what industry you work in and where you live in the world. So if you’d like to develop a more personalized wardrobe, we recommend working with one of our online personal stylists who is well aware of globally appropriate business attire.

ISAIA Plaid Cashmere & Silk SportcoatHowever here are a few tips for you to project a professional image. For most men, a plaid sportcoat is a staple in their wardrobe if you tend to prefer a more classic look, especially in hues of grey and blue. If you want to go for a more avant-garde look, select a grey and purple plaid sportcoat. This outfit is a good business casual look for the entrepreneur, technology management guy, real estate developer, or architect who prefers a traditional style. To add some personality to this look, add a checked shirt with the plaid jacket or select this plaid jacket look below.

ISAIA Delain Silk BlazerWhile both looks are similar, this look is more hip and stylish due to the color of his shoes and belt and the style of his shoes. This look would be better for an interior designer or television / movie producer – although your next question is, is it age appropriate for you? Again if you change the shirt color to French blue, you add some personality. Or if you really want to get creative, wear it with a gingham shirt.

Notice that both looks are in the same color schemes, which may or may not suit your own personal coloring. So to ensure that you are selecting the right colors and looks for you, we recommend our Online Image Consultant consultation for US$47. Simply send us some pictures of you and we’ll tell you what works best for you.

ISAIA Silk & Linen BlazerAre these looks still not your style and you’d prefer something a bit more fashion forward? Color has profound psychological effects. And simply wearing a more tailored look can add instant style. If you like the look at this link the best, you probably don’t need the help of our online personal shoppers unless you’re too busy to shop. After conducting an in-depth online needs assessment with you, we’ll be able to duplicate your style and shop and ship to you.

Give us two hours of your time and our trained professionals can select three weeks worth of clothes for you according to your needs and personal style in just a push of a button for US$147; click here for more information.

Our Online Personal Shopper and Online Personal Stylist service is cost efficient and cost effective and provides an excellent solution to busy businessmen who don’t have the time or patience to shop but still like to look good. Look polished for all your business occasions with the help of our Online Personal Shopper and Online Personal Stylist.

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Global Image Group has been serving men and women worldwide with their image consulting, personal styling, and personal shopper needs for over the last 10 years.  Established by Michelle T. Sterling, our online image consultant consultations and online personal shopper sessions are as effective as our in-person consultations if you don’t live in New York, San Francisco, London or Dubai. Schedule an appointment with us online and get the look you’re hoping to achieve according to your own budget and shopping needs.  We’re here to give you expert, unbiased advice with your best intensions in mind unlike working with a personal shopper in a department store or other online personal shopper services.  We are the experts in personal shopping with a pool of expertly trained online personal shoppers to assist you.  Need to train your luxury brand sales associates and personal shoppers?  Click here for luxury brand sales training.