Sterling Luxury Homes helps you with your home selection, home redesign, and home redevelopment needs in Miami, New York, L.A., and Dubai

Sterling Luxury Homes | Redeveloping Miami Luxury HomesDo you need help selecting, redesigning, or redeveloping a home according to your lifestyle? Sterling Luxury Homes can find the property that is right for you, your lifestyle, and your design aesthetics. If your goals are purely investment-based, let us help you select it + fix it + style it = flip it so you can maximize your profit. Hoping to create the home of your dreams? We’ll research the location, setting and home-features that will best fit your needs, then help you style your property to perfectly suit you and your lifestyle.  Need to sell your property? Our team of realtors would be happy to assist you.

The Sterling Luxury Homes Process begins with our team of committed professionals who are trained to meet or exceed client expectations.  This enables us to provide high-end real estate investors with a unique edge in the marketplace. Our step incremental process is simple yet effective.


The Sterling Luxury Homes process begins with a consultation to assess your goals and interests – exploring your investment opportunities. If you already own a property, we will evaluate your existing investment and discuss your specific needs. Whether it is a home restyling, home renovation, or home remodeling project based on reflecting your distinct personality, tastes, and preferences or a luxury home staging and home styling project to increase your return on investment, Sterling Luxury Homes’ home improvements will accelerate the sale of your home with style.


Based on our initial assessment we will create a customized plan to revise the vision of your home as well as oversee and manage the process from start to finish. Our team will work with you to determine your individual goals and needs. For investors, Sterling Luxury Homes will study your target demographic to identify buyer lifestyle preferences and expectations to help your property achieve a higher success rate in the marketplace. No matter what your eventual plans are for the home, our home styling and revitalization plan will clarify and establish your goals and the design direction for the entire project.


Sterling Luxury Homes knows that true style is more than just rearranging furniture and fresh coats of paint. For high-end luxury homes, it is about creating a compelling lifestyle through a targeted transformation. If you are marketing your home, we’ll make sure your open houses feel like red-carpet events and make your property a magnet for target buyers. If you are designing your own private sanctuary, Sterling Luxury Homes can help you design a lifestyle and create a home that Architectural Digest will want to feature. Redesigning and styling your property may involve the coordination of furniture and accessories, lighting, space planning, color schemes, artwork and décor. Suggested renovations may require custom granite counters, made-to-order cabinetry, top-of-the-line designer appliances and fixtures, as well as luxury flooring, finishes and lighting. For investors hoping to entice affordable luxury buyers, we can assist you in staging your property to minimize your investment’s time on the market by as much as 75% with proven strategies that will ensure your listing stands out and gets sold.


Sterling Luxury Homes redesigns affordable luxury homes that people fall in love with. If you are interested in redefining the look of your own home or would like to confidently invest in real estate for immediate redevelopment and resale, let Sterling Luxury Homes simplify the process for you.

About Sterling Luxury Group

Sterling Luxury Group redefines the meaning of living a luxury lifestyle. From helping you select the perfect home through Sterling Luxury Homes, to refining the finishing touches of your interior décor through Sterling Home Styling, to styling you from head to toe through Sterling Personal Styling, let us redesign and restyle your life.  We are Global Image Group‘s luxury lifestyle makeover image stylists in real estate, interior decor, and personal styling in Miami, New York, L.A. and Dubai.



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