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Case Study:
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Before Global Image Group - a diamond in the rough.

Initial consultation with Michelle T. Sterling.

The transformation begins.

Selecting a new wardrobe.

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Geek Guide to the Chic Side

by Barry Caplan
Product Manager to Startups
The Product Management Department

Career Advancement is Motivation Enough
As I transitioned out of Technical Management and into Marketing and Product Management, it became increasingly clear that I would need additional skills.

Product Marketing requires more than just processes and technology expertise it also requires 'soft' skills, such as people, behavioral, interpersonal. To be successful, I had to get to work on acquiring those 'soft' skills. The question was how?

To sum it up - Michelle T. Sterling of Global Image Group. Ironically, I had previously read an article about how Global Image Group has impacted other individuals, like me, by helping them put their best foot forward, both personally and professionally. But, it wasn't until I was lucky enough to meet Michelle of Global Image Group through an online business forum that I was convinced she could help me with an 'image update.' Michelle's online presence was so polished that I knew from the get-go she was someone that understood my needs and had my best interests in mind.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks
Project 'Transition' got underway with an introductory phone call with Michelle. We discussed my change in career and my goals and how I could successfully integrate into a marketing environment from the techie world. From the conversation, we decided to begin my transition by updating my image. Michelle took down preliminary information about my personality, lifestyle and objectives.

I then filled out Global Image Group's simple online questionnaire and sent it in to Michelle, along with a series of snapshots of me in my current wardrobe. The questionnaire in itself was cathartic. For someone, like myself, who hadn't spent much time thinking about 'style,' 'preference,' 'attitude,' etc., the questionnaire really got me interested and excited about the outcome. In a quick turnaround, Michelle assessed all my data and information and we set up the appointment to meet.

Day of The Transition
It was so apparent that Michelle had done her homework. On meeting day, everything was planned to perfection. Michelle is very conscientious of other's time and made every minute count. We started with a brief overview of the type of style and clothes that would work best for me - color, fabrics, fashion and so on. Then, in a whirlwind, we set out to make it happen.

We literally took a top-down approach. First stop was the hair salon. Michelle had a very clear idea of the hairstyle, conveyed that to the stylist and viola! I had a new 'do' and already felt my confidence rising. Next stop was the eyeglass store. We selected fashionable eyeglasses that I never would have looked twice at on my own. I never thought glasses could have such a bold impact - they are truly a key component in building a strong image.

Next, we ventured to several of the finer fashion stores in San Francisco. Here, it was so clear how much legwork and reconnaissance Michelle accomplished in advance. She had pre-selected several outfits in the correct sizes that all went together to project the image we had discussed. It was up to me to try them on and choose the outfits I liked best. Business and business casual, from head to toe, Michelle covered it all.

The Domino Effect
By working with Michelle, my self-image and self-esteem have received a huge boost. My new image empowers me to project authority, credibility and compatibility; therefore, enabling me to present myself and my company material with more influence. Audiences are looking for reasons to agree instead of object. Outside the office, people have been raving about my style and fashion sense. This positive feedback improves the image I project as it boosts my confidence and ability to achieve my goals. It's the Domino Effect and starts by contacting Michelle T. Sterling, AICI Global Image Group.

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