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Refreshed Look Refreshed Man
For four years the CEO of a Bio-Technology Company was strapped to his office and constrained by a heavy workload. He had very little time to enjoy his financial success, let alone social activities. On top of that, Mr. CEO's Harvard Business School reunion was fast approaching and he wanted to make a memorable impression on his classmates and peers. So Mr. CEO embarked on a radical image refresh and contacted Michelle Sterling, Global Image Group, to help him accomplish the mission. "My aim was to establish a fresh, new look that I would be happy with on a long-term basis, as well as one that met my short-term objectives of the reunion and an upcoming wedding I would be attending solo. I heard about Global Image Group's professionalism and 'shopping made simple' motto, and decided to give them a call," says Mr. CEO.

A Simple Process
Operating under a two-week time constraint, Global Image Group had to work quickly. To alleviate any disruption to Mr. CEO's schedule, Global Image Group made the process as simple as possible. "I filled out the image assessment form, emailed it back to Global Image Group, and they got started. It was painless," says Mr. CEO. By carefully evaluating his responses on the form, Global Image Group determined he needed a Personal Style Assessment, Wardrobe and Closet Analysis and Personal Shopping services.

Global Image Group defined, refined, and implemented a new wardrobe for Mr. CEO. "Our responsibility was to bring alive, coordinate, and harmonize this southern-born, conservative CEO's wardrobe to fit his own personal style and convey the visual messages that supported his personality," says Michelle Sterling, Global Image Group.

Tackle the Closet
Global Image Group's began the Wardrobe Analysis by tackling Mr. CEO's closet. He needed an entirely new wardrobe that expressed his qualities -- charming, amiable, and charismatic in personality, a "spring" by definition according to Global Image Group's color assessment. His wardrobe needed to reflect his socially active and athletic lifestyle. Upon assessing his closet, Global Image Group soon realized that many pieces of clothing were not in harmony with his skin tone nor were they well-coordinated. Although he had many high quality pieces of clothing, his current wardrobe muted his image.

Global Image Group categorized his clothing into three categories: wearables, questionables, and unbearables and then devised strategies to fill any gaps. "I'm a person who likes to know what is going on, where I need to be, and how to get there. Global Image Group delivered a comprehensive list of fill-in wardrobe pieces, major items and accessories, and presented me with a workable budget. They even took the unbearables to my favorite charity to make room for my new acquisitions," says Mr. CEO.

Immediate Impact
Global Image Group set out on their pre-shopping jaunt. After only four hours of pre-shopping and two hours of client / consultant shopping, the results were immediate. Mr. CEO's new wardrobe combined colors that complimented his skin tone, with outfits that better reflected his personality. As a result, he looked more alive, vibrant, and youthful. "Global Image Group really pulled through. I've received numerous compliments on my new wardrobe. I feel confident and very well put together. My short term objective exceeded my expectations -- I was voted in the top ten by my Harvard Business School peers in the most unexpected category at my reunion," concluded Mr. CEO.

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