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Geek to Chic
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Case Study:
The Scientist

Caterpillar to a Butterfly
Raised in Asia and the United States, Ms. Scientist felt a bit shy and sheltered throughout most of her life. Having recently moved to San Francisco Bay after completing her Masters Degree in Colorado, Ms. Scientist decided this was the perfect opportunity to change her lifestyle and persona. To do this, she needed the assistance of a trained consultant. "I had met Michelle Sterling, Global Image Group, at a dinner party and was very impressed with her ability to build rapport and really captivate an audience. So I contacted Michelle to help me "come out of my shell" and present a more demonstrative persona," said Ms. Scientist.

The Experimental Process
As with most clients, Global Image Group had Ms. Scientist fill out the image assessment form. Through an in-depth evaluation of her responses, Global Image Group determined she needed a Personal Style Analysis and Etiquette, Communication Development, Dating Protocol, and Lifestyle Management services.

Intellectually book smart, yet socially naïve, Global Image Group was faced with the challenge to turn this bright, young woman into a scintillating, social butterfly. Global Image Group embarked on this task with a two-step process. The first consultation was geared toward building Ms. Scientist's social skills and graces. The second consultation covered image, style and the psychological impact of color and how to use it to enhance her overall impression.

Practice Makes Perfect
The best way to demonstrate social skills and graces is in an environment that mandates such behavior. "Michelle Sterling took me out to dinner so I could get hands-on practice with dining etiquette. During dinner we reviewed very useful business etiquette do's and don'ts as well. I learned such valuable information. Michelle was extremely patient -- she even coached me on communication development and my 30-second introductory statement," explained Ms. Scientist.

To further accomplish the goals set forth, Michelle and Ms. Scientist proceeded to a lounge to cover dating protocol and lifestyle management. Ms. Scientist learned how to position herself as the ideal mate, where and how to meet Mr. Right, what to wear and what to talk about on a date, how to get the 2nd date, and what to do if you are interested in him. Seeing as though Ms. Scientist was relatively new to the area, Michelle provided lifestyle information such as, tips on weekend travel, local social organizations, dating services, weekend hot spots, restaurants, bars and cultural events.

Phase II
During the follow-up consultation Global Image Group focused on Ms. Scientist's overall image. Global Image Group first identified Ms. Scientist's optimum color palette for her clothing, makeup, and hair color. "This exercise was so exciting. I discovered the colors that convey particular messages about me and the colors I should avoid. I even received a handy personal color reference chart to assist me during future shopping experiences," added Ms. Scientist.

After assessing Ms. Scientist's colors, Global Image Group performed a Personal Style Analysis. This ninety-minute session identified the styles of clothing best suited to enhance her features and support her wardrobe and lifestyle needs. Global Image Group covered the fabrics, patterns, combinations, accessories, and hairstyle options most appropriate.

Major Change Brings Major Impact
Several months after Global Image Group completed their work, Ms. Scientist attended a speed-dating event. The event was a great success for Ms. Scientist. "I decided to put my new image and whole persona to the test. I implemented all of Global Image Group's recommendations. My hair and makeup personified my personality and I chose an outfit based on a color that was appealing to men. And most importantly, my enhanced communication skills gave me more confidence in speaking to a gentleman without inhibition," concluded Ms. Scientist. This particular gentleman asked Ms. Scientist out immediately after speaking to her for only five minutes. That's impact at its best!

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