Life Coaching


Life Coaching can help you overcome many obstacles in your personal and professional life by:

  • Identifying your passions and strengths in order for you to achieve greater success in your life
  • Getting clear on your life's goals and objectives
  • Overcoming your fears and obstacles of moving forward 
  • Improving your personal and professional relationships through building your self-image, self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence.
  • Developing a success oriented mindset
  • Improving your work / life balance
  • Managing stress + depression
  • Prioritizing + time management
  • Creating an action plan that will lead you to a happier and emotionally healthier life

Executive + Career Coaching


Are you trying to get to the next level in your career and could use some advice?  Or do you need to get clear on what career path to take? 

  • Our Career Coaching services begin with a DiSC assessment in order to ascertain your current behavioral and communication style.
  • Through an exploration of your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses, we will be able to evaluate what career paths are best in line with your goals, objectives, where you have been and where you'd like to be - devising an action plan
  • Once that has been defined, we schedule a follow up accountability coaching session to see where you are now and what else you need to achieve your goals, much of which is also covered in during a life coaching session

Solopreneur Business Coaching


How to Start a Solopreneur Business Bootcamp Training Online | Miami | San Francisco | London | Dubai

The tools you need to start your own business from A-Z

The Internet and social media are the best ways for you to attract and convert prospects into leads. However without a proper digital marketing plan, technology can get the best of an entrepreneur.  Learn how to promote yourself and your business by building your audience online, through networking, and PR to optimize your visibility. Give customers a reason to do business with you.


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Are your ready to propel your life to the next level? With Global Image Group's Personal Development Coaching with Certified Success Coach, Stacy Tesler, she can work with you to:

  • Get clear on your life goals and objectives
  • Unblock obstacles and create a plan on how to achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Communicate your personal and or professional brand identity, strengthen your self image, and define your true authentic self  
    • If your are starting a new business
    • Need to get clear on your life plan and life purpose
    • Or need spiritual advisory and learn techniques on how to unblock your life  

Stacy Tesler can help you define and refine your life path to achieve greater levels of personal or professional development in just 10 sessions for $125 per session of online video coaching over a 6-month period.  

She combines vision with precision to help you manifest your best life. 


  • Make your online investment for the coaching session
  • Once we receive your PayPal payment notification, we will email you to schedule a mutually convenient time for your online coaching appointment
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for us to get back to you due to time zone differences.  
  • We recommend scheduling following sessions to keep you accountable and make sure you're on track toward achieving your goals.  


Certified Image Consultant + Personal Stylist

image consultant dubai, image consultant new york, image consultant miami

Within the first few seconds of meeting, people form opinions about you based on your appearance. By learning how to project the appropriate visual image and style, you can achieve a positive and lasting impression that will promote success. Global Image Group's one-on-one 3-Step Image + Style Consultation helps you define and refine your unique visual appearance. 

Wardrobe Consultant + Personal Shopper

personal stylist miami, personal stylist dubai, london image consultant

Global Image Group provides a personal, in-home Wardrobe and Closet Analysis and audit that will have an on-the-spot, positive effect on your personal and professional life. ​Personal Shopping is an art and a science. The artistic side of shopping allows you to express yourself with clothing choice, and subsequently a style that is uniquely yours. Let us help you with all your personal shopper needs. 

Online Personal Shopper + Image Consultant

men's personal shopper, personal stylist for men

Global Image Group offers a 2-Step Online Personal Shopper service for men and women to help you obtain the look and wardrobe you desire. Online Image Consultant evaluations are based on the scientific and artistic aspects of style that only highly skilled and well-educated image consultants are able to execute. Or book an online personal stylist and let us online shop for you.


Schedule an appointment with our Image Consultant Dubai + Personal Shopper Dubai, Milan Personal Stylist + Milan Personal Shopper, London Image Consultant + London Personal Shopper, Image Consultant New York, Image Consultant Beirut, men's personal shopper, personal stylist for men, or online image consultant today.


Communication Training

Communication Training

To succeed in today's competitive environment, communicating effectively is essential. Communication, verbal or non-verbal, is the tool for building quality relationships, both professional and personal. Whether you pick up the phone, set up a meeting or walk into a room, expressing a consistent communication style is an integral step in making lasting impressions. 

Business & Social Etiquette

Business & Social Etiquette

In today's fast-paced global society, etiquette and protocol skills are necessary to ensure success and gain respect and recognition. Regardless of age, sex, or profession, you need to practice politeness and decorum to understand what it means to be socially acceptable. Etiquette and protocol are the outer expressions of your character and play a vital role in projecting the right image. 

Executive Presence

Executive Presence Training

In a technologically sophisticated, performance driven and bottom line oriented society, success in business today also depends on the mastery of "soft skills." We help business professionals present themselves with verbal and non-verbal substance and credibility - developing the true meaning of executive presence. 

Corporate Seminars

Corporate Image Seminars

Developing a corporate identity and image is one thing -- ensuring your employees project it is another. Not only do people form opinions about your company and decide to conduct business based on the integrity and reputation of your brand, but also based the image your employees project. Everyone within your organization is an emissary for the company, from the receptionist to the president. 

Retail Sales Training

Retail Sales Training

When selling luxury brands, not only are you selling a product, you are selling an experience. Luxury brands represent a lifestyle that prospective customers aspire to and dream of. Whether it’s based on quality, distinction, exclusivity, or price, in order to sell that lifestyle, salespeople need a refined set of skills and must project the right image.

Sterling Home Styling

Interior Styling + Interior Decor with Sterling Home Styling

Your image should be harmonious from your look to your home. Let us help you create living in spaces that are an expression of your lifestyle and unique personal style. Sterling Home Styling combines image consulting with home staging, interior redesign and interior styling services for residential spaces and new or vacant luxury condominiums or homes in Miami, New York, and Dubai.

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Color Analysis eBook

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What Are My True Colors - A Modern Guide to Color Analysis eBook includes:

  • A brief introduction about color theory and how to determine your own personal coloring through the different types of color qualities - it's not the seasons
  • The color palettes in this eBooklet will help you determine the types of colors that best suit you – providing you with a modern day solution for the modern day woman.
  • Best of all, you can access the booklet on your smartphone or tablet for ease in shopping rather than flipping through a booklet!
  • After making your purchase, you will receive a separate email with the eBook attached. Please allow up to 24 hours or less to receive it. Thank you.


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How to Start a Styling Business on a Budget

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Would you like to start a Styling Business but don't know how to start? This eBook gets you thinking about your business, advises you on some necessary steps to get started, and how to start attracting clients. 

All Sterling Style Academy eBooks are non-refundable.